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The Best Infant Pacifier in 2018

How clean is your baby’s pacifier?

It’s 2018, and the world isn’t getting any younger. It’s not getting any greener, either. The best infant pacifier on the market these days is an innovative, greener option that isn’t going to cost the earth to keep your child happy.

I didn’t relish the idea of using a pacifier, initially. My own mum didn’t use one on either my brother or I, and I didn’t like the idea of my kids needing it for comfort. Plus, there were things like what happens when it falls out in the middle of the night? Is that going to wake the baby up?

Then I stumbled across a whole new aspect to finding the best pacifier for my baby. From other mums’ horrific discoveries, I learned that the modern plastic versions of pacifiers were warm, wet homes for bacteria. The thought of putting a bacteria-laced object into my child’s mouth every day made me shudder.

Pacifiers are an easy way to calm your children down. I know my two littlies have benefited from having something like a pacifier to suck on. Because they’re both breastfed, they really relied on the comfort of that. But I couldn’t comfort feed them all day – I wouldn’t get anything done!

After learning from other mums, I started to do my research into the modern-day plastic pacifier that comes with multiple parts. I discovered that they have done studies to prove that there is indeed some incredibly harmful bacteria lingering on and around your baby’s pacifier.

Dr. Tom Glass at Oklahoma State University tested ten pacifiers for dangerous bacteria. What he found is pretty upsetting – that bacteria found on common pacifiers like the ones that were tested were closely linked to cardiovascular disease, autoimmune diseases, allergies, asthma and even metabolic syndrome.

This is definitely enough for me to say absolutely not when it comes to any plastic modern pacifier. But what I read next was worse than I could even imagine.

Dr. Glass continues by explaining that the worst part about these bacteria is that they seemed to be resistant to typical antibiotics like methicillin and penicillin.

This is some dangerous bacteria we’re talking about here. The kind that you would normally find in a toilet bowl or a sewage drain. Except neither of these are in our situation. A common, everyday baby product is. And it’s being used on our precious children.

So, with those incredibly depressing thoughts and evidence in tow, I started to do my research and look around at the different options when considering the best infant pacifier I could use on my kids. They all seemed to be made out of plastic, and they all appeared to have multiple parts to them – the perfect place to harbour harmful bacteria.

I didn’t want my kids to miss out on a creature comfort just because the most common ones available on the market were dangerous petri dishes of disease. But I also wasn’t prepared to compromise and put my kids at risk, so I was fast running out of options.

Another aspect to my search is that I wanted to keep my carbon footprint low. That’s my general mission every time I’m looking for a product – I want the desired combination of what’s best for my children and great for the planet, too. I didn’t want to support a product or company that didn’t have the environment in mind with what they were manufacturing.

best infant pacifier

So, you can imagine my joy when I finally discovered the best infant pacifier - it ticked all the boxes.

The Ecopacifier by Ecopiggy is an awesome brand that has your baby’s health and the planet at the forefront of everything they do.

Their pacifier is made from pure rubber from the rubber tree Hevea Brasillensi – there’s no plastic in sight. The next brilliant thing about it is that it’s made from one mould. This means that there aren’t any cracks or crevices that could possibly harbour harmful bacteria.

They had me at one mould, but it keeps on getting better. Not only do they source a natural material to make their pacifiers, but this material is sustainably made without the use of colorants or chemical softeners.

The reason why they use rubber as the material is because it’s highly resistant to sharp little teeth. It also feels great against your infant’s gums, which is ideal for when they’re teething and need something they can consistently chew on.

So, I can very safely say that the best infant pacifier in 2018 has got to be the Ecopacifier by Ecopiggy. I wasn’t going to settle for anything less than the best, and my child deserves a comfort source like a pacifier without being put at risk of harmful bacteria that could cause a bad reaction or even illness and disease. Get it here.

As you can see in the picture below, my youngest littlie is loving her rubber pacifier. She sucks on it happily all day. Once she’s used it for the day and before I put her down to sleep, I make sure to sterilise is again by pouring boiling water over it. Once this is done, I have every bit of confidence that my baby is sucking on a product that’s not going to harm her.

Your children are precious and deserve to be safe from harmful bacteria. It’s easy to skip over common baby products like pacifiers and just assume that they’re safe for our children to use.

I’m so glad I did my research and figured this one out. While my baby hasn’t been too sick yet, I’m sure I saved her from more grief down the line by making sure her pacifier was clean and hygienic.

If you love keeping your little one’s safe with natural products that are free from synthetic material and nasty chemicals, check out my top pick for the best baby sunscreen here.

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When does your infant like to suck on their pacifier the most? Let me know!

best infant pacifier

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