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The Best Sunscreen for Oily Skin

Sunscreen is my worst enemy.

However, so is the sun. I’m pale and get cold sores if I stay out in the sun for too long. This means that the sun and I aren’t good friends at all. Which is ironic, because I live in a country where most people relish their time outdoors.

Back to the sunscreen. It’s been a long road to finding the best sunscreen for oily skin. I’m a pretty high maintenance customer, to be honest. Here is a list of things I want in a sunscreen:

  • Natural and free of nasty chemicals

  • Cheap (relatively)

  • High SPF (but not too high)

  • Able to last a while

  • Non-greasy

Not too much to ask for, right? You’d think so. However, finding this perfect combination of factors in a sunscreen that’s going to suit my oily skin is harder than it looks. Most of the time when I come across a great natural sunscreen, it’s too expensive. Or it has a high SPF but won’t last longer than a month.

best sunscreen for oily skin

The other obvious factor here that poses quite a problem is my oily skin. Where do I even begin to look for a sunscreen that’s going to be good for my oily skin, and prevent it from getting even more oily in the process? How do you find a high SPF that doesn’t feel like you’re just painting your face?

New Zealand, typically, is a great place to find good sunscreen. We’re all about the sun out here, but we have to curb this passion with slip, slop and slapping because of the horrendous lack of ozone layer the gods have graced us with.

That’s why I was so surprised when I came across Skinnies sunscreen. I had seen it on the billboards as I was driving around from place to place and just assumed it was another import from America, the land of abundance.

However, when I popped onto my computer when I got home and did a little research, I realised that it first originated in good ol’ New Zealand. They’ve been so popular here, in fact, that they are now branching out into the US of A and working on expanding their sunscreen empire.

So, what’s so great about Skinnies sunscreen that I can use it with my oil factory face?

One, it contains no water. You know what this means? It means that a little goes a long way. It’s by far the most concentrated sunblock I’ve put on my face – and that’s because it’s 100% sunblock, all the way. They haven’t filtered it down with water so that they can produce more – it’s concentrated, which means it will last you a long time.

It also has a broad spectrum. This is important for me, at least, because I like to have as much protection as I can get when I go out there. It’s also completely free from any parabens, alcohol, fragrances, or preservatives. They had me at free.

Skinnies also pride themselves on having biodegradable ingredients. It’s starting to sound like this is the kind of stuff you should be putting on your skin. If the ingredients are biodegradable, chances are that they’re safe to put into your bloodstream by applying it topically.

Because of all these awesome things, it’s suitable for pregnant women and babies – my kind of thing. Their philosophy is to be as eco-friendly as possible with their product. The less ingredients you have, the more environmentally friendly your product is. That’s what Skinnies is going for.

Because it is a gel sunscreen, it’s the best sunscreen for oily skin. It’s clear when you apply it and has a non-greasy formula. The last and most important thing I wanted to know and I know you’ll want to know is: is it cheap (relatively)?

Short and long answer: yes. You can get a tube of Skinnies sun gel SPF 30 and another that’s SPF 40 for $50USD. Considering you’ll use it five times less than any other sunscreen, this is pretty damn good.

I’m definitely a Skinnie believer and have really enjoyed using it so far. They’re doing good things in America where they’ve migrated to make the most of the production market.

With a sunscreen like this, I can easily say that I’m proud to be a New Zealander. Plus, I can now share it with America and the rest of the world! Check them out here and use the promo code SUN15 for a discount.

Everyone's skin is different. Click here to check out my other post for some great natural options to suit everyone.

What’s your favourite thing to do in the sun? Let me know!

Happy slip, slop, slapping!

best sunscreen for oily skin

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