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Best Toner for Acne That’s Natural

The best toner for acne may surprise you.

Y’all know by now that I'm always on the lookout for products that are good for you and the planet.

While there are some great toners out there for acne, there aren't too many that don't have some crazy chemicals on the ingredients list.

Interestingly enough, a toner was not something I ever thought about when it came to my skin. While I had issues later on with skin, I didn't think directly about what I was putting on my face.

If you’ve got issues with bad skin and acne, welcome to the club. While I don’t have the kind of problems that I used to when I was younger, because my skin is so sensitive it doesn’t take a lot to set it off.

Because I want the best products for my skin, I had to do my research in order to find the best toner for acne. If I could stumble across something that was going to nurture my skin and keep it clear, then I would be winning.

best toner for acne

What is a Toner?

As if you couldn’t already tell, I’m excited to share the best toner for acne that I’ve found with you. However, I thought I would do you a solid and talk a little bit about what a toner is and why you should use it.

I’m not one to pile the products on my face. Since becoming a mom, I’ve learned to love what I look like naturally – not to mention I just don’t have the time to get all dolled up each morning.

However, some products I do find to be essential and enjoy seeing them keep my skin healthy.

Toner is designed to hydrate your face. It's supposed to act like water without actually being water. It's water for your face, with a number of other awesome ingredients, like antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

Hence with the best toner for acne is great at keeping your skin clear.

best toner for acne

Why Do You Have Acne Prone Skin?

I’ve asked myself this question so many times over the years. What’s with the rage in my face and why does it persist despite all my protesting?

In my personal, humble opinion, there are a few causes for acne prone skin. Let’s talk about a couple of these.

Firstly, I think that in my experience anyway, acne is the result of stress. I have found that the more stressed I am, the worse my skin is.

I’ve always believed in the connection between mental and physical health. If you’ve got something else going on emotionally, it’s going to manifest itself physically in your body.

Another cause of acne is diet. I talk about this in much more detail in another blog post which you can read here.

Now, without further ado, let’s look at the best toner for acne.

best toner for acne

The Best Natural Toner for Acne

In all my research and experience, I've found the African Black Soap Problem Skin Toner to be the best toner for acne. So what is this toner I speak of?

Shea Moisture’s African Black Soap toner helps to manage the oil and shine of your skin while dealing with problems areas, like acne. This is because it doesn’t clog up your pores, instead purifying your skin by removing dirt and leaving you a beautiful, blank canvas to paint.

I think what I love most about the African Black Soap toner is that it leaves a matte finish – I’ve never been partial to the overly shiny look. It also downplays the appearance of large pores.

Now you know that I wouldn’t buy a toner like this if it didn’t have some good ethics behind it. Not only are the ingredients sustainably produced, but they are also ethically traded, helping to empower disadvantaged women.

It’s been tested on the Shea Moisture family for four generations now, and never on animals.

You can get your African Black Soap toner for acne here. Y’all also know by now that I get a commission on this, and for that I thank you! It helps put food on the table.

best toner for acne

While my face is better than it’s been in years, this doesn’t mean that I want to start slacking off when it comes to my cleansing routine.

There are a lot of different products that I love when it comes to my face, a few of which I’ve already shared through my blog. I must say, however, that the African Black Soap toner really stands out when it comes to natural, effective, and gentle.

In my opinion, it’s definitely the best toner for acne.

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What will you use the best toner for acne for mostly? Let me know!

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