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DIY Non-Toxic Baby Wipes

Non-toxic baby wipes are my only option.

As a mother who cares about what goes on her baby’s skin, it scares me when I go to the supermarket and don’t know where one chemical begins and the other one ends on the baby wipes ingredients list.

To be honest, I'm astounded at how companies can put profit before the safety of people –, especially the youngest, most vulnerable people. While natural, biodegradable wet wipes are more expensive, I don't even consider it a choice – I would rather my baby be healthy and free of chemicals than spend less on baby wipes.

You can imagine my glee then when I discovered how to make non-toxic baby wipes all by myself. When it comes to DIY, I'm not the biggest fan – I'm lazy, and I've got an endless list of excuses as to why I can't do it.

My own mother used cloth nappies on us and would have heated up a warm towel as an excellent option for non-toxic baby wipes. While I can't bring myself to get the bleach bucket out and use cloth nappies, I do buy the more expensive, biodegradable ones.

When it comes to non-toxic baby wipes, I feel liberated and accomplished. Who knew that I could make them myself at home, saving lots of money and my baby’s skin in the process?!

Let’s take a look at how to make DIY non-toxic baby wipes. No longer will you have to settle for chemicals or spend too much on natural ones.

non-toxic baby wipes

DIY Non-Toxic Baby Wipes Ingredients:

  • Container with lid

  • Organic, non-bleached paper towels

  • Organic coconut oil

  • Lavender essential oil

  • Castile soap – my absolute favorite is Dr. Bronner’s Castile Peppermint Soap, which you can get here. The peppermint and lavender go great together, too!

  • Serrated knife

  • Measuring Spoons

  • Measuring Cups

Ingredients for Solution:

  • 3 cups boiled water

  • 2 Tbsp organic coconut oil

  • 6 Drops lavender oil

  • 2 Tbsp castile soap

Optional Additional Ingredients:

There are a couple of other ingredients that I like to include in my DIY non-toxic baby wipes for an extra safe wipe. The first one is apple cider vinegar. This is because apple cider vinegar is excellent for fighting any nasty bacteria that may be hanging around your baby's bottom. You may also choose to add a couple of drops of chamomile oil.

Chamomile is great for fighting existing rashes and even helping to prevent them from occurring in the first place. The last extra ingredient you can add to your DIY non-toxic baby wipes is aloe vera. Aloe vera is nice and gentle on the skin which is great if your baby has extra-sensitive skin. It also helps to promote a healthy immune system.

non-toxic baby wipes

How to Make DIY Non-Toxic Baby Wipes:

  1. Use the serrated knife to cut the paper towels in half down the width.

  2. Take out the cardboard center of the roll.

  3. Place the paper towels in your container.

  4. Boil three cups of water.

  5. Add the rest of the solution ingredients to your boiled water, and any additional ingredients you wish to use, as well.

  6. Once your solution is well-mixed, pour it over your paper towels so that they are thoroughly saturated.

  7. Put the lid on your container – make sure it’s airtight!

Note: you can even use an old, empty baby wipe container for your non-toxic baby wipes. After soaking your paper towels in the solution, transfer them to your baby wipe container and pull at the first baby wipe so that it sticks out of the baby wipe lid.

If your airtight container is sealed completely, your DIY non-toxic baby wipes will keep for two weeks.

The reason why I love using castile soap in my non-toxic baby wipes is that it's made of all natural ingredients. In fact, I use it everywhere I can, and that’s the beauty of it – it’s sensitive enough even for baby. Coconut oil is also a great addition because it helps to moisturize and keep your baby’s skin from drying out.

non-toxic baby wipes

Try these DIY non-toxic baby wipes at home, when you’ve got a spare moment. They really only take you five minutes to make, resulting in lovely, fresh, non-toxic baby wipes that will last you for two weeks.

That’s roughly how long a packet of supermarket baby wipes lasts me – and I’m saving money!

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What additional ingredient are you going to try when you make your non-toxic baby wipes? Let me know!

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