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How Jason Winters' Herbal Tea Could Save Your Life

What are you prepared to believe?

How about that Jason Winters’ herbal tea is the best-kept cancer treatment secret?

How on earth can herbal tea cure cancer?

I was super skeptical at first, too. It seems like a concept that's too good to be true. It also sounds like something that is easily made up to make a quick profit out of vulnerable, gullible people.

There’s plenty of those out there. However, I can assure you that Jason Winters’ herbal tea is not one of these.

Let’s start at the beginning, where I started. The first thing I wanted to know was who the heck was Jason Winters?!

Jason Winters was a terminally ill cancer patient. Born in England in the earlier half of the 20th century, he eventually emigrated to Canada. In 1977, he developed a large tumor on the side of his neck.

Typical medical cancer treatments weren’t doing a lot to slow down the growth of this tumor, and Jason Winters was told to get comfortable and be ready for an early death.

He wasn’t done, though, and he didn’t want to give up until he breathed his last breath. He left Canada for Europe, traveling around and finding out everything he could about traditional medicine, including herbal teas and their strains.

Eventually, he came across three different types of herbs used in herbals teas for centuries that had multiple medicinal purposes. He slowly made his way through them, testing each one. None of them had any positive effect on his cancer.

This didn’t discourage him, however. Instead, it encouraged him to play around and experiment with different strains and combinations of these herbal teas. Jason Winters eventually came to the conclusion that drinking all three strains together would be worth trying.

Jason Winters began to drink his three-blend herbal tea. The tumor started to shrink, and as a result, he was able to enter remission.

Needless to say, this discovery has made him revered around the world. From speaking positions and book deals to various awards and even a knighthood, Jason Winter’s herbal tea blend has been rightly recognized as an incredible discovery that could change the way we look at cancer.

jason winters herbal tea

Here’s where my story meets Jason Winters and his herbal tea.

Roughly a month ago, I was at my skin specialist for a bit of eczema on my hand. I've only had it since giving birth to my second child, and it was getting in the way of doing everything – a mother's hands are her greatest tools.

While the doctor was looking at my hand, she decided to look at the rest of me, too. What she discovered from this regular check was shocking.

It turns out I had benign skin cancer on my face. It's called basal cell carcinoma, or BCC for short. Now, while it's the most common skin cancer and entirely non-aggressive, it's never nice for anybody to be told the word ‘cancer' in a doctor's office.

It also means that this could be just the beginning for me when it comes to skin cancer. New Zealand has a freakishly high rate of melanoma and other skin cancers. My grandfather died from melanoma. So, needless to say, it doesn’t make me feel too great. Especially considering how young I still am.

As soon as I heard about Jason Winters’ herbal tea, I jumped on board. All it took was the reviews on his website – heartwarming testimonies from individuals and families who were diagnosed with various types of cancer, who also turned to Jason Winters’ herbal tea blend.

The results are astounding – you can't make them up. Too many people have been positively affected by this incredible, natural discovery.

Personally, I always knew that the cure for cancer was out there in Mother Nature. As a big believer in nature being able to heal, I back this herbal tea 100 percent and believe that its responsible for successfully treating all different types of cancer, including BCC.

Have a look at some of the testimonial here. You can't argue with real-life experience.

Get your revolutionary blend of Jason Winters' herbal tea here.

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Medicine is a wonderful thing – both natural and clinical. Sometimes, though, the answer lies within the beautiful, rolling hills and dense forests that we are so quick to abuse.

If you are currently dealing with cancer or know someone who is, I am thinking of you. Luckily, my cancer experience is on the extreme end of the spectrum when it comes to not being serious – I can’t even hold a candle to what some of you are going through.

I hope that my experience with Jason Winter’s herbal tea can be passed on to you and positively affect your life.

If you’ve got a story or just want to share something, please do!

jason winters herbal tea

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