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It's a Miracle: Baby Socks that Stay On

I didn't think I'd ever find them.

Buying baby socks that stay on is the bane of many parents' lives. It's a badly kept secret in the mum community that babies love to kick, and fiddle, and tug, and pull. When I first got pregnant, I had a myriad of mothers tell me ‘good luck' when it came to clothing and children.

Now, I'm not precious about my kids' clothing. I wish I could be one of those Instagram mums who take up half the morning making sure they're children are runway-worthy before taking the ultimate gram worthy photo.

I simply don't care enough. With all the washing that goes on in our house, the last thing I want to do is spend a good chunk of every morning adorning my two little girls with only the best.

I want simple and easy. I know when it comes to having girls, it's tempting to want to make them look like sweet little princesses. But I don't have it in me. I would rather have that extra time in the shower or running a brush through my hair. My kids can wear whatever my fingers touch in the draw first.

So I certainly wasn't looking for style when I came across the life-saving baby socks that actually stay on. I looked straight past their pleasing aesthetics and went for the hard questions first – like, do these baby socks actually stay on?

I first came across Lamingtons when I was out having a coffee with one of my mum friends. Our little ones were running around like mad, and I was doing everything I could to ram my muffin down my throat so that I could be ready for damage control when the tears started.

I noticed that my friend's daughter had a cute pair of socks on. Of course, I wasn't looking at how cute they were – although I must say, they were cute. I was looking at all the running around this little girl was doing, and how her socks were staying up, no matter what she did.

She could have dragged herself through mud, and they would have stayed on. Our conversation went from motherly complaints to baby clothing admiration. She said she couldn't get enough of these Lamington's socks. I told her she probably needs to get out more if socks are what's doing it for her these days.

baby socks that stay on

However, she continued to lament. She told me that, beyond the fact that they do come in gorgeous patterns – for boys and girls – the best part about them is they actually stay up. Because they come up just below the knee and have a tight, snug fit, you don't have to worry about constantly pulling them up.

In fact, these baby socks stay up so well that they have won a couple of baby clothing awards and even a style award. So far, they seem to be ticking all the boxes. Even if you're someone who does like to spend time dressing your children properly – props for that – you can easily find a lovely looking pattern to match the rest of their clothing.

Not only are they able to stay up, but they're also made out of 70% merino wool with a little bit of nylon and elastine thrown in, too. Merino wool is a fantastic natural material that will keep their little toes nice and warm – with room to breathe, too. Because it's a natural material, their skin will still be able to breathe, and you don't run the risk of smelly shoes.

Lamingtons extensive range includes merino wool socks that stay on for newborns, babies, toddlers and children alike. They even have a range of tights that you can swap over to in the winter. Because these pull up socks will come all the way to the knee, you can also keep wearing them throughout the winter, as well.

I continued to think it was a bit much my friend confessing that children's socks that stay on had changed her life. That was until I got my own. As you can see, we've worn ours down into the ground – I used this pair on my first and have happily handed them down to Summer, too.

She loves them because they're nice and snuggly. They're the perfect thing to have on her little legs when she does all her kicking – and boy, does she do a lot of that. Because these baby socks stay up just under her knees, I know they'll be great when she starts to crawl, too.

Get your perfect pair of Lamingtons stay on socks here. I promise you; you won't regret it. They've seen their way through two of my little ones now. It looks like I'll have to get another pair if I have a third – I've certainly worn these down into the ground. They are worth every cent.

For more ways to keep your little one snuggly, check out my blog post on the best sleeping pod. It's a great way to co-sleep safely with your bubba.

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baby socks that stay on

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