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My Favorite Baby Accessories

How awesome is it when you come across a baby product that you love?

Baby accessories are everywhere. The luxury of choice is not so much of a luxury anymore. The market is saturated and stepping into a baby store is overwhelming – where do you even begin figuring out the best baby accessories?

If you’ve read my other posts, you’ll know by now that I have a few boxes that need ticking before I buy a baby accessory. One of them is that it’s got to be eco-friendly. It’s also got to be natural and sustainable. While this cuts out a lot of the market, it can still be confusing knowing which ones to pick.

So it’s great when you come across great baby products that you and your baby are going to love. What’s even better is when you find them all from the same brand. I know that once I’ve put my trust in a brand, there’s a high chance I’ll love their other stuff, too.

That’s how I feel about the Haakaa brand. They’ve totally changed the way I look at baby products and how they should be. They don’t need to be made out of plastic and come with nasty chemicals. They can be natural and safe for my baby to use, as well as being great on the budget.

Let’s dive in and take a look at my top picks for this range of baby accessories:

  1. Mushroom Wooden Bowl

  2. Silicone Noodle Spoon

  3. Fresh Food Teething Feeder

  4. Natural Rubber Teether

My obsession with these started when I used their Haakaa pump. The rest is history.

Full Disclosure: I’m NOT being paid to say this.

1. Mushroom Wooden Bowl

This gorgeous wooden bowl is a favorite of mine for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it has the suction base at the bottom which we all know is essential for keeping it on the surface of the high chair and not stuck to the side of it. It also comes with a lid that fits on easily so you can save any leftovers for the next night.

Of course, it’s BPA free and doesn’t have any phthalates, either. I love that it’s made out of wood and not plastic. The bowl is 300mls and the lid is 200mls. You can get it in orange, pink, green or blue. Check it out here.

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​2. Silicone Noodle Spoon

This bad boy of the utensil family might look a little strange with its spiky prongs and curved neck. Don’t misjudge it, though. It’s capable of amazing things. I’ve always struggled to decide what utensil to give my eldest to eat pasta with – a spoon or a fork? The spoon doesn’t let her stab the noodles, and a fork is still a little bit too sophisticated for her – even though it’s kid-sized.

This noodle spoon is the perfect way for kids to learn to pick up noodles and scoop them easily into their hungry mouths. Because it’s food grade silicone, you can rest assured that it’s safe for them, too. Naturally BPA, PVC and Phthalate free. Get yours here.

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3. Fresh Food Teething Feeder

My youngest is almost four months old – where does the time go?! That means that before you know it she’ll need something to chew on so that she doesn’t chew on everything else. She’s also only weeks away from starting on solids, too. I used one of these when my eldest was a few months old – and she loved it. I used to cut up fresh watermelon or apple and place it in the food pouch.

Then she would happily suck on the other end. This silicone feeder is also BPA free. It’s a great way to encourage your child to feed themselves from an early age. It can also help them through those teething days and can improve their hand-eye coordination. Buy it here.

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4. ​Natural Rubber Teether

This is another beauty that my eldest used which I’ll be breaking out again soon for my youngest. Because it’s made out of natural rubber that’s sustainably sourced, it’s eco-friendly and free of any nasty chemicals. These include BPA and nitrosamine.

It is also completely free of phthalates and PVC. I think the thing I love most about this teether is that it’s a one-piece design. This means that there aren’t any cracks or gaps for bacteria to collect or mould to grow. Buy it now here.

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It doesn’t really get much better than this. Stumbling across natural products that care about your baby’s health is the best. It’s such a good feeling knowing that there are people out there making innovative, environmentally friendly baby accessories that I feel comfortable sharing with my children.

To read more about the amazing Haakaa manual breast pump that I’ve written about previously, check it out here. It’s another invaluable asset to my motherhood years that I honestly don’t know what I would do without.

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Which baby accessory do you like the look of best? Let me know!

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