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My Kids Sleep Soundly with Lavender Extract

I think it's safe to say that we've all been there.

Babies and children are notorious for not sleeping through the night. Let's find out how lavender extract can change this forever - naturally.

Now, I have a cheeky mum confession to make - maybe I've had a few wines, maybe I haven't. The truth is, my first daughter slept through the night a month after she was born and my second daughter is now three months and only waking up once.

I know what you're thinking. Shut. Up. I don't think there's another mother on this planet that's going to hear me slip that into conversation and genuinely think 'I'm so happy for you.' So, I apologise. However, I want to be honest and transparent with you.

lavender extract

Which is why we have reached this part of the blog post. Because, now that my daughter is 2, I'm starting to eat my words a little. While she's still a great sleeper for the most part, it can certainly take some time to get her down. We can sit in the lounge ears burning for two hours listening to her squeal and squeak until finally she passes out and leaves us to what is left of the evening.

Needless to say, there did come a point in my life where I truly realised what it was like to be a parent. Which meant that, out of desperation, I turned to nature to help me in my quest for some relief in the evenings so our Netflix binge isn't marred by the sound of a child fighting sleep like it's nobody's business.

lavender extract

I started using essential oils, including lavender extract, a few years back to help with all kinds of things. I would put them in the bath, mix a drop or two with some water in the diffuser, and even rub a touch on my wrists for a natural smelling scent. But I'd never used them on my children.

That is, until a friend whispered in my ear about lavender extract. Lavender extract is a fabulous essential oil. It has incredible relaxing properties and is great for applying to mild skin irritants. She claimed that she put a drop or two of lavender extract on her toddlers pillow at night, and bobs your uncle, she went to sleep.

So I tried this, and it worked.

But this blog post is two-fold. Which means I've got another sleep-aid trick up my sleeve, just incase your child kicks up a fuss about the smell of lavender extract or something.

Another thing that's almost guaranteed with having a child is that they're going to get sick. And if you're children are anything like mine, they don't sleep too good when they're sick. Melaleuca was my saving grace when it came to trying to get them to sleep with a stuffy nose. It's great for relieving the sniffles and if you put a touch on their pillow, they'll be able to sleep through the night and breath better, too.

So, I recommend trying out a Lavender Extract Essential Oil and a Melaleuca Tea Tree Oil. If those don't get you through the night, at least your pillow will smell pleasant.

If you're also having trouble at meal times, check out my latest blog post on healthy little eaters.

What have you tried to get your kids to sleep?

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