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The All Natural Deodorant Alternative

It's the biggest organ in your body.

Well, on your body, technically. But it is an organ. Which means that it's living and breathing, just like the rest of you. Which means what? It deserves all natural products, especially deodorant.

It means, unfortunately, that everything you put on your skin, you absorb into your bloodstream. Every chemical has an absorption rate, which means that those chemicals are getting under your skin - literally. Whether you like it or not.

I stopped using aluminium deodorant quite a long time ago, due to the concern of a link between cancer and chemicals like aluminium affecting the lymph nodes in your armpits. Now, while there's no definitive evidence out there to suggest a strong connection between the two, the thought of rubbing chemicals into my armpits gradually became less and less appealing.

As I continued on my journey to become more or less chemical free, I went through a whole host of natural deodorants. While one would work for me for a while, eventually my body would build up a resistance to its effects and I would have to start searching for another.

all natural deodorant

Don't get me wrong, there are some great natural deodorants out there, like Crystal Essence Body Deodorant. However, in my personal experience, I was led all the way down the path to the point that I had to go completely and utterly natural.

Don't worry, I still cover my pits every day. After all my experimenting and searching, I have found that lemon is the best deodorant. It's refreshing and it does a great job of keeping me fresh all day.

All I do is cut a lemon in half and keep it in the fridge in a small bowl with a plate covering it. This way it stays moist and typically lasts for up to a week.

The beauty of nature is that it's everything we need. What do you think people used for deodorant hundreds of years ago? Maybe lemons, maybe not. But they certainly didn't use aluminium.

Let me know what you think of the lemon idea! While it might not work for everyone, it's certainly done my body good. Now that I've gone there, I wouldn't go back.

all natural deodorant

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