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The Benefits of Buying Organic Underwear

What are the benefits of buying organic underwear? Are there really any?

I didn’t use to think so. I mean, come on, isn’t this just another marketing gimmick to make me spend more on my underwear? Surely, I spend enough on the damn things already.

The benefits of buying organic underwear may surprise you. Let’s take a look at them and figure out why voting with your dollar and buying organic underwear may even be a step towards saving the planet.

the benefits of buying organic underwear

Benefits of Buying Organic Underwear

1. It’s breathable

Here’s a semi-well-known fact: synthetic fabrics don’t breathe. Ever wondered why you sweat more in some tops than others? It’s most likely because the ones you sweat like a pig in are made out of synthetic materials.

Man-made fabrics like polyester and nylon don’t have the ability to breathe, which traps heat against your skin and causes you to sweat more.

With organic fabric, your skin is allowed to breathe. This is especially important down there – you want everything to stay fresh and dry because this will help you avoid a build-up of harmful bacteria.

the benefits of buying organic underwear

2. Less Processing

The second benefit of buying organic underwear is also a good reason to buy and eat organic food, as well. The word ‘organic’ means unrefined, as opposed to more processed foods, right?

Put what you understand of organic vs. processed food and apply it to underwear. When organic underwear is made, the process is a lot less involved and doesn’t use any dangerous chemicals along the way.

When it comes to the earth, the making of organic underwear also uses less energy, too.

the benefits of buying organic underwear

3. Promotes the Earth

As if you needed another reason to buy organic underwear that coincided with saving the earth, here's one: buying organic underwear encourages the cultivation of healthy soil.

This is because organic agriculture uses composted manure, as opposed to synthetic fertilizers. As you probably already know, synthetic fertilizers are toxic and pollute the water and the fish in it.

When the organic cotton is being grown and harvested for your organic underwear, there’s no damage to the soil or the sea.

the benefits of buying organic underwear

4. It Absorbs Sweat

This is one of my favorite organic underwear benefits. Not only do they breathe much better than synthetic fabrics and feel great to wear, but they also absorb sweat and other toxins from your body, not giving them a chance to hang around.

When you wear synthetic underwear, there are too many chemicals within the fabric itself to absorb anything. This means that the sweat will instead form an uncomfortable layer between your underwear and skin.

the benefits of buying organic underwear

5. Prevents Health Issues

Similar to the first benefit of organic underwear, it helps to avoid certain health issues like yeast infections and bacteria growth.

The best way you can look after yourself down there and avoid build-up of bad bacteria is to let yourself breathe. If you’re wearing synthetic underwear all day long, it’s going to be hard to achieve this.

Organic underwear lets the air flow through – it’s almost as good as not wearing any underwear at all.

the benefits of buying organic underwear

The benefits of buying organic underwear outweigh the benefits of purchasing synthetic panties – I mean, are there even any?

What I love most about being able to wear organic underwear is that I’m saving the planet as well as my own skin. My busy mum schedule means that I do tend to sweat a lot and don’t have all the time in the world to shower constantly. Wearing organic underwear minimizes the risk of me catching anything nasty down there.

My favorite organic underwear is iKotton’s women’s organic cotton boy short panties. They are 95% organic cotton with the smallest amount of spandex for give. They don't have any bleach or dyes in the fabric, no formaldehyde, and no harmful chemicals. Get yours here.

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Why will you buy organic underwear? Let me know!

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