The Benefits of Klamath Blue Green Algae Powder

Source your energy naturally.

Natural sources like Klamath blue-green algae powder are nature's miracle energy potions. Their organically producing minerals provide you with a source of vitality and energy that only mother earth can share.

Now, don't get me started on my energy levels after having kids.

It was hard enough with just one. I thought my first pregnancy tested me. But when you've already got an 18-month-old, and you're pregnant with another?! Forget it. My life is over.

We all know how incredibly hard it is as mothers to juggle all the balls in the air. Every day I wake up and wonder just how I'm going to get through it – and I'm young. I'm 26, and I struggle with having enough energy for two developing children. I take my hat off to older mums – they're the real heroes.

Needless to say, I have my work cut out for me. I also don't have time to spend hours in the kitchen cooking up master chef worthy meals that are going to give my children and me 100% of our daily nutrition, week after week.

I need nature to come in and take over.

Klamath blue-green algae powder is a powerful force of nature. The word ‘Klamath' comes from the lake that it's grown in – and because this is a natural process, it's only able to be harvested at a special time of the year, when it's in peak bloom. Let me break blue-green algae powder down for you.

Algae is a primitive life form that's been on earth since the year dot. It's been used in traditional healing and medicine for centuries, and is known for it's healing properties.

The particular blue-green algae powder that I'm talking about is also called chlorella or spirulina. This type if the edible variety that you will find in supplements like the Klamath powder.

Klamath algae powder has such a high concentration of benefits that it's often referred to as a superfood. This blue-green algae has high levels of minerals, antioxidants, proteins, and vitamins.

Klamath blue-green algae powder, in particular, is a powerful energy booster – you see where I'm going with this. Obviously, this type of algae had me at that, which is what prompted me to write this post in the first place. But upon further research, I discovered a lot more about the humble blue-green algae.

Other benefits of taking Klamath algae as a supplement include weight loss, stress, diabetes, seasonal allergies, anxiety, depression and even pre-menstrual syndrome.

klamath blue green algae powder

There are other bonuses to taking Klamath blue-green algae as a supplement that goes further than the day to day. Studies show that blue-green algae have also been used to treat potentially cancerous growths found in the mouth, as well as improve your memory and general digestive wellbeing.

You already know about blue-green algae being an energy aid, which is primarily why I take it. Let's run through some of the other health benefits Klamath algae has, so you get a better idea of this superfood and what it does.

Blue-green algae has indicated that it could potentially slow the growth of cancer. This has been seen in laboratory experiments, suggesting that blue-green algae could be a natural cancer treatment.

Due to its high levels of omega-3 fatty acids and chlorophyll, Klamath blue-green algae powder is also a great anti-inflammatory and pain reducer. Specifically, it is known to help with reducing gastric ulcers directly.

Now that you know why you should be taking Klamath blue-green algae powder let's quickly run through the nutrition that you'll find in this superfood.

Blue-green algae is a nutrition powerhouse. It harbors high levels of protein and amino acids. You'll also find Vitamins A, C, E and K at substantial levels. You've got B-complex vitamins and phytonutrients, to boot. With active enzymes and plenty of omega-3 fatty acids, you can see why taking a superfood supplement like blue-green algae are only going to increase your quality of life.

I really don't know how some mothers do it. I barely get time to chug my morning smoothie before I'm full-time mum until the kids go to bed. I find it really hard sometimes to get the nutrition I need, which is somewhat of a catch 22. I know that if I ate better, I would have more energy – but where is the time to do this?

Having an easy-to-take supplement like Klamath blue-green algae powder is a great way to get important vitamins and minerals into my body when I need them the most. There's no way I would be able to do what I do every day without something as powerful as this superfood.

My favorite blue-green algae is Pure Synergy Organics Klamath blue-green algae powder. It's 100% organic and harvested once a year from the pristine spring-fed upper Klamath Lake. It's non-GMO, vegan and doesn't have any gross stuff like fillers or preservatives in it.

I really can't get enough of it! Get your Synergy Organics Klamath algae powder here.

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What would you use your Klamath blue-green algae powder for the most? Let me know!

klamath blue green algae powder