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The Best Indoor Plants for Sale

What if the air you’re breathing isn’t clean?

As a busy mum who’s had zero gardening experience and can’t keep a goldfish alive for more than a day, I wasn’t too optimistic when I looked at what my options were when it came to the best indoor plants for sale.

How could I possibly get something to stay alive longer than a day without withering up because I forgot to water it, or being dragged from the bench and stomped on by my toddler?

But then I learned a health fact that I couldn’t pass up on. Maybe I missed the boat on this one, but they sell indoor plants out there that not only look great on your mantelpiece, but also clean the air for you.

Say what?

There’s a whole bunch of plants that roughly belong to the cactus family – or succulent family I can never remember. While they sit there and don’t look like they’re even alive, they’re actually doing a whole lot.

There’s one in particular that I really like. It’s called the mother-in-law’s tongue plant – probably because it’s spiky – and it won a clean air award. Plants that win awards – I’m interested.

This is because it detoxifies the air in your house and gets rid of nasty things that shouldn’t be there, like ammonia and carbon dioxide. These types of plants are also perennial – which means that if you can get past the first week of looking after them, they can actually survive and be alive indefinitely.

I’m planning on keeping mine until I’m eighty. Then I can give it a name and tell my grandchildren about all the things my plant has witnessed – right from when my children were little. We would have been breathing detoxified air for at least fifty years by then. Nothing like taking steps towards a cleaner, greener world!

I was so excited when mine finally got delivered. It’s got dark green leaves that are spiky at the ends, with a bright yellow stripe running around the perimeter. They grow slowly, but steadily.

best indoor plants for sale

We’ve named our plant Jeff. Jeff now has two little mini Jeff’s growing enthusiastically beside him in the pot.

Another amazing thing I learned about buying an indoor plant like this is that you can make them replicate just by cutting one of the leaves off and replanting it in another pot.

There’s not a lot to taking care of them – they require very little love and care from you. If you water them every two weeks or so, it will be more than enough. Just as long as the soil is moist. You can overwater them which means they’ll end up drowning, so it’s best to keep the watering to a minimum.

In the colder months, it’s recommended that you only water them once a month. They are super hardy plants, and don’t need to be in direct sunlight constantly. As long as you perch them comfortably on a surface that’s near to a window, they’ll be able to get the vitamin D that they require.

Succulents like the mother-in-law’s tongue plant are easily some of the best indoor plants for sale. I knew next to nothing about owning and looking after an indoor plant before I got Jeff – and now that I have him, I still know next to nothing.

But he’s loveable, and very forgiving. He realises that I’m no expert, and doesn’t expect me to be. Heck, he sees all the running around my children do – he’s more than happy to take a back seat and just make sure the air is clean for me.

indoor plants for sale

He sits on my desk in a corner, soaking up the indirect sunlight that slowly soaks our lounge every day. His pot is white and he has a few pebbles on the surface of the soil to keep him company – and let’s not forget the two mini Jeff’s.

Buying an indoor plant is a great introduction to looking after a bit of the world’s flora when you’re in your busiest time of life. I had my hesitations and didn’t think I would be up to the task considering my children take up all of my time – but the mother-in-law’s tongue has proved me wrong.

These indoor plants for sale are great in any home space, and will survive through most conditions from freezing cold winters to hot and sweaty summers. They’re a great way to spruce up your indoor space – especially if you live in the city and don’t have a lot of greenery around.

They’re so easy to look after, you almost forget about them. They do all the work for you without you having to hardly do anything for them. The fact that they’ve been rated by NASA as some of the best plants for keeping your air clean means that you can rest easy knowing your children are breathing in fresh, healthy air.

Click here to find the best indoor plant for sale. I guarantee it will get you excited about indoor plants, if you aren’t already. Plus, planting your perennial is a great lesson for the kids in amateur gardening, without needing an outside space to do so.

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What plants have you had the pleasure of looking after? Let me know!

best indoor plants for sale

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