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The Best Lotion for Dry Skin

I can't remember a time when my skin wasn't sensitive and dry.

To be fair, I'm fair – pun intended. I am pale which means I pretty much hate the sun. Finding lotion for dry skin seemed to be an impossible task.

While I'm not technically allergic to anything cream-wise, there's been a lot of experimentation in my life. I've had to chop and change rapidly through a succession of skincare products in order to find the right one for my skin.

Being naturally curious, I also wanted to know for a long time why my skin was so dry and sensitive. Was it karma from an unknown past that was now biting me in the bum? I guess you could say that sensitive and dry skin goes hand in hand with also being fair, but I feel like mine was particularly trying.

Through a varying degree of research over the years, I came to understand a little bit better why my skin might be so dry and sensitive. Apparently, you're supposed to have a fatty layer of natural lipids over the top layer of your skin, which keeps moisture in.

This layer can be compromised by a number of different factors. The most common ones are your environment, and what you may be applying to your skin. Unfortunately, we live in a world where making money is more important than making people well. This means that big name companies don't tend to care too much about what's in their products.

There are also less common causes of dry skin, that can come from inside your body. These factors include things like menopause, a health condition or even genetics. My personal experience with dry skin has led me to believe that it often has a multi-tiered cause, which is why it's good to explore all options. It could be anything.

While there's been a surge in natural products over the last few years, it's still good to know what's going to work and what isn't. I didn't want to waste my time spending hundreds of dollars on products if they were going to fall flat and not restore my fatty layer.

The most common areas to have dry skin is on the arms, hands, and lower legs. I'm breaking the boundaries of science by also having dry skin on my face. I've found the answer to this separate issue which I'll talk about in another blog.

My biggest concern with my dry skin is how it looks. It's not very nice to be all dried out – especially because sometimes it seems like there's an easy solution. I've even been told by someone that I need to moisturise before, which is a little frustrating. If simply moisturising solved my dry skin problem, I would have gotten on top of it a long time ago!

best lotion for dry skin

The real reason why you should be worried about dry skin is that it can lead to dermatitis. In layman's terms, this is inflammation of the skin. If you don't treat this condition quickly and appropriately, it can cause swelling and even infection.

However, it's not all doom and gloom. Because the vast majority of dry skin cases are caused by external factors, it can be relatively easy to get rid of it. This is because if you've got something external causing your dry skin, chances are you can use something external to solve it, too.

Like me, you've probably tried a dozen moisturising products to get rid of your dry skin. I know exactly how frustrating it feels not to be able to figure out what lotion is going to get rid of my dry skin.

Every year our city hosts a green expo. It's pretty much the highlight of my year – screw Christmas and birthdays. An entire warehouse full of innovative, natural beauty, health and skincare products made by companies with the earth in mind? What else could I ever hope for?

It was here that I made an amazing discovery. As I was going around all the booths, I came across a skincare company with a great recommendation. They had a giant poster of hands that were exceptionally dry and irritated. The quote beside these hands came from a man who had suffered from dry skin and irritation for most of his life. He said that he had tried everything and nothing had worked.

Then he came across Savvy Touch's hand balm and moisturising lotion. He said that they helped instantly and within a week he had almost complete relief from dry skin.

Now, I'm not one to muck around. When I see something that I believe in, I'm going to dive in and trust real-life experiences – especially if the company is natural. I asked the lady exactly what the man had used. She packaged it up, and I was on my merry way.

A week later and my skin was looking awesome. It was no longer dry, scaly or itchy. By applying the hand balm a couple of times a day and using the lotion at night, I was getting quick, effective relief for my dry skin.

Savvy Touch is an amazing company that has a whole host of fantastic health and skincare products that are effective at bringing you relief for conditions like dry skin. I swear by their Hand & Heel Balm and nourishing Skin Smoothie. Both of these products have helped me combat my dry skin issues and helped me experience life without it.

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Where is your dry skin annoying you the most? Let me know!

best lotion for dry skin

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