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The Best Natural Face Moisturiser

I'm a huge fan of this one.

I feel like I'm almost biased, talking about the best natural face moisturiser. This is because I use this natural product for other skin issues, as well. It's like a snowball effect; once it's worked for one thing, why the heck would it not work for something else?!

Coconut oil is a good friend of mine. We go way back – before there were babies, before I had stretch marks and before my skin was even dry. I used to eat it regularly but had to stop that because it was making me put on weight.

I'm not the only one who has a long history with coconut oil, though. Coconut oil has been used for hundreds, if not thousands of years for a huge variety of natural remedies, including the skin.

In fact, there's another group of people who used it regularly that blew my mind. Housewives in the 1950's had unlimited access to it in the supermarkets – probably because fewer people were fighting over it back then – and they put it in everything from their chicken casserole to scrambled eggs in the morning.

The long and short of it is, coconut oil is a great natural, topical oil. While there is contention around whether it should be eaten on a regular basis, it's undoubtedly harmless and effective at giving you some excellent results when it comes to your skin, and your hair.

Let's begin with hair, first. While I don't use coconut oil on my hair, there's a long history of it being used in the tropical islands for the purpose of creating a shiny, healthy sheen. In fact, women in these tropical areas of the world use coconut oil in their hair on an almost daily basis. Apparently, it can also help with hair growth, too.

You'll find that if you look at a lot of shampoos and conditioners in the supermarket, they've cottoned on to this miracle hair remedy and included it as an ingredient in their product. Personally, I would just cut the crap and take the coconut oil without all the other cheap, harmful ingredients.

best natural face moisturiser

Now, let's get down to skin level. Over the past couple of years, I've found coconut oil to be an amazing natural face moisturiser. It is very oily when it goes on, but if you use the right amount, it is quickly absorbed and leaves your face feeling fresh and moisturised throughout the remainder of the day.

Because I live in the part of the world that's gotten rid of the ozone layer, I also rub a little bit of sunscreen on top, just to be safe.

The reason why coconut oil is the best face moisturiser is that it's widely known and used as an effective massage oil. Unlike other potentially harmful substances you could use like mineral oil, there's no risk of any reaction of adverse side effects from using it on sensitive skin.

There's no wonder that it's been used for literally thousands of years on flaking, dry skin. Coconut oil has a bunch of fatty acids like lauric and caprylic that work hard to reduce external inflammation and keep your skin moisturised throughout the day.

The best thing about using coconut oil as a face moisturiser is that it protects as well as fixing my already dry skin. Because it is packed full of antioxidants, it heals the skin while it moisturises.

Coconut oil also has antimicrobial properties. This means that it can balance out sources of skin conditions, whether its fungal or candida, giving you a great chance of restoring your skin to what it once was.

I've been through a scary number of face moisturisers – both natural and chemical – in my life. While there have been others that have worked for a while, I can say quite confidently that coconut oil has been the best face moisturiser that I've come across. With all its natural nutritional and medicinal qualities, it's no wonder that it's a miracle worker for my skin.

A favorite of mine is the Spring of Life cold-pressed organic extra virgin coconut oil. I love this particular brand because it is made from non-GMO. They also work hard to get their coconuts from sustainable farms, which I love. I wouldn't want to support any other way of doing things.

You can get your coconut oil face moisturiser by Spring of Life here.

Check out my blog post on why I use coconut oil on my pregnancy stretch marks, and how it's made such a huge difference to them.

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What kinds of skin issues have you experienced? Let me know!

best natural face moisturiser

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