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The Best Ways to Use Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

Organic apple cider vinegar is a stay-at-home mum's best friend.

As I endeavor to become more and more natural as I create a safe home for my children that is free of chemicals, I look to natural products as alternatives to nasty household items.

The thought of putting chemicals anywhere near my children is nightmarish, yet plenty of household products have them.

Organic apple cider vinegar has been in the spotlight recently for being a great health tonic – but it has other uses, too.

Organic apple cider vinegar is a common natural product that's been around for centuries. It's widely available these days and is conveniently inexpensive, too.

Experts now believe that it's one of the most potent and beneficial of all the acidic liquids available.

From using it to beat those pesky blemishes to taking restoring that glossy sheen in your hair, organic apple cider vinegar is one of the most practical and cheap household products you should have on the shelf.

1. Facial Toner

Once you've washed your face, you can use organic apple cider vinegar to remove any excess makeup and ensure that your face is free of dirt and clogged pores, without dealing with all the chemicals in regular make-up remover.

Simply dab a small amount on a cotton pad and wipe across your face. Rinse with water afterward.

organic apple cider vinegar

2. After a Workout

I struggle to find the energy to look after my kids and keep up with regular exercise. Organic apple cider vinegar can help with this, however.

Putting a little bit into your water once you're done with your workout can really help to restore your energy levels.

This is because organic apple cider vinegar has a ton of amino acids. Amino acids help to combat the effects of lactic acid that builds up in the body when you exercise and is responsible for any fatigue you'll feel.

organic apple cider vinegar

3. Aiding Digestion

Simply mix two teaspoons of organic apple cider vinegar with a bit of water and fresh ginger to help soothe an upset tummy.

This is an awesome remedy that I find works well with my kids, too.

organic apple cider vinegar

4. Keep Pets Away

How hard is it to keep your cat or dog from chewing through the wires? Rub some organic cider vinegar on the wires where they like to chew – they're guaranteed to stay away after this move.

organic apple cider vinegar

5. Fight Bad Breath

You don't have to reach for the Listerine to beat your bad breath. Simply gargle half a teaspoon of organic apple cider vinegar for a few seconds before spitting out.

You'll feel refreshed straight away.

6. Hair Sheen

I actually use organic apple cider vinegar exclusively to wash my hair, along with baking soda – but that's another blog post entirely.

Rinsing your hair with organic apple cider vinegar after you've shampooed and conditioned it can help it to retain it's natural shine – without all the chemicals.

organic apple cider vinegar

7. Whiten Teeth

Organic apple cider vinegar is excellent at banishing stains from teeth and naturally giving your gums a thorough clean.

Gargle every morning once you've brushed, and you'll begin to notice a difference.

organic apple cider vinegar

8. Banish Blemishes

This one is probably my favorite – because it works. Organic apple cider vinegar has antibacterial elements that can help the skin to maintain a healthy pH balance.

Plenty of beauty professionals recommend using organic apple cider vinegar on your face to banish dirt and help your skin keep its balances, naturally.

I also love to run a bath and pour a teaspoon or two of organic apple cider – it can help to draw out the toxins from your body.

organic apple cider vinegar

My absolute favorite organic apple cider vinegar is Bragg's unfiltered and unheated 16-ounce bottle.

This humble product has gotten me through the toughest of times when it comes to running a clean, chemical-free household. Get your Bragg's organic apple cider vinegar here.

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What would you use your organic apple cider vinegar for the most? Let me know!

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