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Where to Buy Tart Cherry Juice and Why

I always want what I can’t have.

I always see another mum with a slice that’s the perfect balance of healthy and tasty, or a pacifier that’s natural but practical.

Figuring out where to buy your favourite products takes a bit of know-how and asking around, but once you’ve found where, you’re sorted. That’s how I felt when I finally found the right place to buy my tart cherry juice.

Now I know that I’ve already mentioned the enigma that is my children sleeping through the night – so we won’t dwell on that. However, I’m another story.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll race through the day without stopping for so much as a cup of tea before hitting the pillow when everything is finally said and done – and you won’t be able to sleep.

The thoughts swirl around and around in my head relentlessly. Have I done all the washing for tomorrow? When did my youngest daughter last have a bath? Are they both going to be warm enough through the night? They never stop.

They say a mother’s work is never done, and I seem to embody that. Gone are the relaxing evenings where I would slowly wind down with a glass of wine and a book before gently reaching over to turn out the light and lay my head down peacefully.

Now, I’ll be lucky enough if I get six hours of sleep. Even if I’ve done all the jobs for the day when it comes to my kids, my brain won’t be done doing its work.

That’s where tart cherry juice comes in. When I first bought tart cherry juice, I wasn’t so sure about it. Personally, I don’t love cherry’s themselves and absolutely hate the artificial version. I didn’t know if I was desperate enough to take something at the end of every day that was going to be a struggle to get down.

where to buy tart cherry juice

It’s surprisingly delicious, however. I would liken it to drinking cranberry juice – it’s sweet and fruity without being overpowering, so even if you’re like me and not partial to cherry flavoured things at all, you might just be able to get past this one.

According to researchers at Louisiana State University, drinking tart cherry juice at night before you go to bed can add up to 90 minutes to your normal sleep cycle. That’s a significant amount, especially if you’re a busy mum who’s just teetering over the six-hour mark.

If you’re especially determined to get your sleep patterns back in order, I would recommend drinking a glass in the morning and in the evening. This will give you the best chance possible of a regular night’s sleep.

Ever since I started buying tart cherry juice I’ve found that my thoughts have begun to ebb around bedtime. It’s the perfect sweet treat to unwind with at the end of a long day with the kids – and it kind of looks like red wine, too. I’m sure you could convince yourself that it is if you’re tired enough.

As busy mums, we need to be making sure that we’re getting enough sleep. While this is repeatedly drummed into us as we embark on the wonderful adventure of motherhood, it’s certainly easier said than done. I find that I get most of my work done once my kids are in bed and I can actually concentrate on something other than them.

There are multiple ways to relax at the end of a long day and more often than not I reach for the vices over the natural alternatives that I know are good for me. However, now that I’ve bought my cherry juice and made a habit of pouring myself a glass, I find it easier to unwind knowing that I’ve got it to sip on as I read a page of my book or catch up on some work.

Buying tart cherry juice has certainly made a difference to my life and helped me get the sleep I so desperately need. My favourite brand is Dynamic Health – it’s 100% pure certified organic. It’s also a concentrated version, which means that a little goes a long way. Just dilute it with a glass a water and before you know it you’ll be off in dreamland.

How do you like to unwind at night? Let me know in the comments!

Happy drinking! (at least it looks like wine!)

Where to buy tart cherry juice and why

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