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Why You Should Drink Chicory Tea

The benefits are invaluable.

Chicory tea is the little-known cousin of coffee. It’s not technically coffee’s cousin – what I mean when I say that is it’s coffee’s ultimate alternative. Not to mention it’s much better for you.

Chicory tea has a myriad of health benefits that you just can’t pass up.

There’s nothing I love more than a warm brew. Even if it’s a sunny day and the weather is finally warming up, I can’t help but reach for a tea like chicory root. There’s just something about it that warms me right down to my soul.

I think my soul gets even more heated when it hears just how good chicory tea is for me.

But, enough from me. I’ll stop my rambling and let chicory tea speak for itself.

chicory tea

1. Stress Reduction

Remember when we compared chicory tea and coffee? Well, this reason is case in point. While caffeine is known for speeding up those energy levels and inevitably causing an increase in anxiety, chicory tea is known for the opposite.

Cortisol, the stress hormone, can be dramatically reduced when drinking chicory tea. It’s also a great alternative to drink regularly if you’re trying to cut down on coffee but still crave that morning cuppa.

chicory tea

2. Anti-Inflammatory

Chicory tea is pretty clever at helping to reduce inflammation in the body. There is a particular nutrient in the chicory plant called a polyphenol. This nutrient works in conjunction with the body to significantly improve your ability to respond positively to inflammation.

This means that chicory tea can help with diseases and chronic illnesses where inflammation is a significant symptom.

chicory tea

3. Liver Cleanse

Don’t worry about pinching your nose and downing some horrid tasting concoction that you’ve been told will rinse your liver out. Just put the kettle on.

Chicory tea was looked at in a 2015 medical study. The study found that the chicory root was able to improve liver conditions and prevent cell damage in the participants.

Chicory tea does this by providing the body with antioxidants that work hard to fight disease for you. Through this process, chicory tea is able to give the immune system a much-needed boost and as a result cleanse the liver, too.

chicory tea

4. Prevents Diabetes

The Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine has published a study that indicates roasted chicory root was able to maintain healthy levels of glucose in the body.

This was as a result of increasing the amount of Adiponectin that is naturally stored in the body. Therefore, it could potentially either prevent or at least delay the onset of developing diabetes.

chicory tea

5. Gut Health

Gut health is such a buzzphrase these days – and for a good reason, too. A lot of our health is linked to our gut. It’s a powerhouse where a lot of our health regulation comes from, so it’s only natural that the healthier your gut, the more likely it is for your general health to be in check.

Chicory root is especially good for your gut. This is because it contains vital levels of prebiotics. Prebiotics help to form healthy bacteria in the gut, which are essential for maintaining the right balance of acid and alkaline.

This prebiotic can also help to reduce bloating, gas, and any other issues you may have with digestion in general.

chicory tea

6. Helps with Constipation

Chicory root is an advocate for all things to do with the gut, it would seem. The gut is so closely linked with your everyday bowel movements – a lot of what the gut does determines the regularity and consistency of these.

Studies have shown that chicory root can help to fight constipation.

chicory tea

Well, it looks like I’ve come across another natural superpower. The first reason was enough for me to want to get my sip on with chicory root tea.

Get your hands on chicory tea today. I love Frontier Co-op’s organic chicory root roasted granules. They are 100 percent caffeine free, yet it almost tastes like you’re drinking a coffee.

It’s been a lifesaver for me as an alternative to my morning cuppa. Get your Frontier chicory root here.

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What are you going to drink your chicory tea brew for? Let me know!

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